Alexandru Iosif

I am a postdoctoral researcher in Andreas Schuppert's group at the Joint Research Center for Computational Biomedicine (JRC-COMBINE), in Aachen. I am interested in the interaction between Algebra and the Sciences with particular focus on Algebraic Systems Biology. I am a member of the SYMBIONT Project.

I did my PhD at OvGU Magdeburg. My advisors were Carsten Conradi and Thomas Kahle. I was an associated fellow to the Research Training Group MathCoRe.

Current adress:
JRC-COMBINE, Pauwelsstrasse 19, Level 3, 52074 Aachen, Germany.

E-Mail: iosif at


PrePublished Articles:
  • A. Iosif and H. Rahkooy. Analysis of the Conradi-Kahle Algorithm for Detecting Binomiality on Biological Models (2019). arXiv:1912.06896.
  • D. Grigoriev, A. Iosif, H. Rahkooy, T. Sturm, A. Weber. Efficiently and Effectively Recognizing Toricity of Steady State Varieties (2019). arXiv:1910.04100.
  • A. Iosif. A few aspects of mass-action sheaves (2019). Hal-02296867. NOTE: When I wrote this article I was not aware of the work of Demetrius and Make (2005) and of Barabasi and Albert (1999); this is an embarassing fault which I will try to correct in a next version of my article.

    Peer Reviewed Articles:
  • C. Conradi, A. Iosif, and T. Kahle. Multistationarity in the space of total concentrations for systems that admit a monomial parametrization (2019). T. Bull Math Biol 81 (10): 4174-4209 , arXiv link.

  • Algebraic Methods for the Study of Multistationarity in Mass-Action Networks (2019, PhD Thesis).
  • La Fase en Óptica Cuántica (2013, Trabajo de Fin de Grado).

    Some past activities:
  • Lamprini Ananiadi and I organized the Reading Group on Algebraic Coding Theory, at OvGU Magdeburg. May - June 2017.
  • Lamprini Ananiadi, Eliana Duarte, and I organized the Reading Group on Syzygies, between MPI MIS Leipzig and OvGU Magdeburg. Oct 2017 - Feb 2018.
  • Co-supervising Ruilong Zhuang within the programm RISE DAAD. May - Aug 2018.
  • The SYMBIONT meeting. Paris, Apr 4 - 5 2019. Find my slides here

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    Warning: I oppose to any military use of my research. By extension, I oppose to any use of my research which goes against the World's peace.